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NeverWet Review – Hands On Test

When you see something that blows your mind, you’re pretty much obligated to write a review. With that in mind, here’s my obligatory¬†NeverWet Review.

In one word, awesome.

In a 45-second video, look down.

In a whole lot of words, look down farther.

I’m sure Rustoleum’s NeverWet will be incredibly fun to play with on all kinds of things that don’t matter, but I started off using it to solve a real problem. We have a gutter downspout that floods our flower bed every time it rains. Of course, this flooding kills anything we try to plant here.

Initially, I installed a fibre landscaping edge to divert the water around the corner which worked to an extent, but there was still too much water weaseling its way around the edging and into the flower bed. I was to the point of figuring out a way to live with it when I saw NeverWet was available. So I hatched the plan you can see in the video above.

  • Tape off the concrete.
  • Apply 2 layers of both base and top coat.
  • Remove tape and see what happens.

The NeverWet worked better than I expected. It does a great job of not only diverting the water around the flowerbed (see video) but also of causing any water that hits it directly to bead up (see image at the top of this post).

I don’t review many things, but NeverWet is well worth the $20 for the entire kit.

Why it’s awesome:

  • You get to play with a super¬†hydrophobic spray.
  • It protects virtually anything from liquids.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • Limitless applications.
  • Have you not watched the NeverWet review video?

Why it’s not 100% awesome:

  • It leaves a slight milky haze.
  • It takes a bit of time to apply (mostly drying time).
  • You can’t buy it in large quantities, yet.

But mostly, why it’s awesome:

This type of technology will change everything. It’s still early on in commercial applications, but it’s very exciting to see where they could end up. If they can fix the haze problem, imagine windows coming from the factory with the stuff. There are already some phones that come waterproofed with NeverWet, why not all electronics? It’s fun just to sit around with some friends and think about what you could possibly use it for.

It’s awesome stuff, and you should definitely pick up a kit for yourself.

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