About Greg Starling

I started out getting a lucky break in the first dot com boom, and found out I loved working with people to make awesome software. I headed up Hobby Lobby’s first foray into the eCommerce world,  ran MTM Recognition’s technology group for about 12 years, had a brief stint at Phase 2, and now I’m over to WeGoLook. I talk a little bit about interesting things, and work on a few side projects that have been featured in places like Wired magazine and Mashable.

And while I fully believe bios are often an exercise in narcissism, I get asked for one from time-to-time so in case you need one:

Greg Starling is the CTO at WeGoLook. For 15 years, he has been designing products, managing processes, writing on and speaking about modern management, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies.

Prior to his current position, Greg gained most of his eCommerce and custom software development experience running teams at Hobby Lobby, MTM Recognition, and Phase 2. He has also been involved with various companies that specialized in predictive intelligence, search engine optimization, and contextually aware mobile applications. He is a contributing member on many leadership committees, user groups, and educational boards. In addition to being featured in prominent technology publications such as Mashable and Wired, he has won awards for leadership, continuous improvement, and was recently recognized as 2013’s Innovator of the Year by the Journal Record.

Greg’s family lives in the Oklahoma City metro area where they can often be seen at local sporting events and at a seemingly never-ending string of birthday parties.

Follow me on Twitter or shoot me an email anytime: [email protected].

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