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10 Best Christmas Songs You’ll Actually Want To Listen To

Christmas songs don’t have to be bland and boring. This list of the 10 Best Christmas songs feature everything from original indie rock to fresh takes on classic tunes. In a sea of same, these are definitely worth a listen:

The Killers – Boots (iTunesAmazon)

A beautiful nostalgic reminder of the of the power of Christmas and forgiveness bringing families together.

Death Cab For Cutie – Christmas / Baby Please Come Home (iTunesAmazon)

Rolling Stone rated the original version of Christmas as the number one rock-and-roll Christmas song of all time. Death Cab’s alternative take on this classic is better.

My Morning Jacket – Silent Night (Google)

On a cold Austrian night in 1818, a broken organ at St Nicholas’ Parish led a writer and a composer to collaborate on a guitar accompanied Christmas carol. My Morning Jacket stays true to the song’s roots with this stripped down version.

Summer Camp – Christmas Wrapping (Amazon)

This time of year, we can all relate to just wanting a break. UK indie pop duo, Summer Camp, does justice in their faithful cover of the Waitresses’ cynical holiday song.

Kristy Starling & Jim Brickman – Sending You A Little Christmas (iTunesAmazon)

Sure this is a homer pick with Kristy being my sister-in-law, but it’s not my fault she married my brother.

Ohbijou – Last Christmas (Google)

Canadian indie band, Ohbijou lends some much needed cool in this de-synthesized cover of Wham’s Christmas hit.

Pearl Jam – Someday At Christmas (Google)

We can all hope like The Jackson 5, Justin Bieber  and the dozens of other artists who’ve covered Stevie Wonder’s plea that we can all someday live in a world full of peace. Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder  adds an additional dimension with his take on this socially conscious carol.

Frightened Rabbit – It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop (iTunesAmazon)

In addition to kilts and bagpipes, Scotland also has some amazing indie rock and folk bands. Frightened Rabbit is no exception with this heartfelt and raw Christmas song.

Coldplay – Christmas Lights (iTunesAmazon)

Christmas lights is classic Coldplay. If you’re like me, and you think that’s a good thing, this is a must add to your Christmas playlist.

The Raveonettes – Come On Santa (iTunesAmazon)

I’m a sucker for this Danish garage bands harmony.  This is just a good Christmas song.

Bonus Song

Richard Cheese – Ice Ice Baby (Google)

While it’s not  technically a Christmas song, it does talk about ice which is kind of like snow. If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, there’s no way you can listen to this and not at least smirk. In the end, Christmas is all about nostalgia.


Happy holidays to you and yours.

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